My name is Derek Remeš (pronounced Remish) and I am a music theorist, teacher, organist, pianist, and composer. Welcome to my website! 

I am currently a PhD candidate in Music Theory at the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg, Germany. Prof. Dr. Felix Diergarten is my advisor. I am also a Lehrbeauftragter at the Freiburg Hochschule in the subjects of Partimento, Harmonielehre, and Gehörbildung (ear training).

I have completed the recitals and coursework for the Organ DMA at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, studying repertoire with David Higgs and improvisation with Edoardo Bellotti. (I am currently on a leave of absence.) In my five years at Eastman I completed all coursework for the PhD in Music Theory, received the MA in Music Theory Pedagogy (2017), the MM in Organ (2014), and the Performer’s Certificate (2015). Before that I completed two BM degrees—in Classical Composition and Film Scoring—from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA (2010, summa cum laude). My primary teachers there were Profs. Dennis Leclaire, Greg Fritze, and Alla Cohen.

My dissertation attempts to reconstruct J. S. Bach’s compositional pedagogy as it relates to thoroughbass, chorale, and fugue. The impetus for this project was Robin A. Leaver’s recent reassessment of a source in the Sibley Library (Rochester, NY) as likely stemming from J. S. Bach’s students. My initial research into this source won the Emerging Scholar Award at the Music Theory Society for New York State in 2017 and has since been published in this article.

You can read my full CV here.

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