Below you will find various documents related to pedagogy.


Statement of Teaching Philosophy (PDF)



Compendium of Voice-Leading Patterns

Other PDF Documents

Nadia Boulanger Cadences

A Systematic Method of Common Chord Modulation

Partimenti Pedagogy at the European American Musical Alliance, 2009-2010

Clef Transposition

Additional Pedagogical Webpages

Historical Improvisation

Hymn Tune Resources

Organ Repertoire

Below is the full “Dictation Resources” page that includes audio excerpts. I have put a password on it to restrict access because of the audio is copyrighted. If you are a teacher and would like  access for educational purposes, please email me for the password.

Dictation Resources

This is the analogous “Dictation Resources” page that is freely-accessible, but without audio.

Dictation Resources Without Audio

Teaching Demonstration: “Scriabin’s Prelude, Op. 51/2”

Score (PDF)

Homework to be completed before class (PDF)

Recording (Evgeny Zarafiants)