Historical Music Theory

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Free Downloads

Compendium of Voice-Leading Patternsby Derek Remeš
The Art of Preluding Templates & Free Filesby Derek Remes
Fundamentals of Thoroughbass (1719)by M. Gugl, ed. Remes
Anweisung zum Fantasieren (Instruction in Improvisation, c. 1725-27): Edition, Translation, and Introductionby J. Adlung, ed. Remes
  • Link to Introduction; then search for “appendix” and click the link to access the Edition/Translation.
24 Chorales with Multiple Basslinesby J. C. Kittel, ed. Victor Phan
24 Thoroughbass Exercisesby W. A. Mozart, ed. Remes
Species Counterpoint Exercisesby W. A. Mozart, ed. Remes
L’A. B. C. Musicalby G. Kirchhoff, ed. Remes
Singe-, Spiel- und Generalbass-Übungen (Exercises in Singing, Keyboard-Playing and Thoroughbass)by G. P. Telemann, ed. Remes
 Fundamentals of Composition (1703)by J. Kuhnau, ed. Remes
Treatise on Fugue (1753-54)by F. W. Marpurg, trans. Jane Hines & ed. Derek Remes
Brahms’s Thoroughbass Realizations of Händel’s Worksed. F. Chrysander
Canons and Duetsby John Pepusch, ed. Remes
 Thoroughbass Exercisesby G. F. Händel, ed. Remes
 Book One of Partimentiby F. Fenaroli, ed. Remes
 Partimentiby F. Fenaroli, ed. Ewald Demeyere
Violin Sonata, op. 6/6by Albinoni, realized by H. N. Gerber, corrected by J. S. Bach, ed. Remes
Cadencesby Nadia Boulanger, ed. Remes
Given Basses (Basses Données)by Paul Vidal and N. Boulanger
Generalbass-Compendiumby Hans Peter Weger
Regulae Contentuum Partiturae (1699)by Georg Muffat
Partimentied. Nardis
24 Probestücke (24 Thoroughbass Exercises)by J. Mattheson

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Additional Files


The Art of Preluding: Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Preludes in J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier I & II

  • Vol. 1: Major-Key Preludes
  • Vol. 2: Minor-Key Preludes

Print and digital formats available from The Leupold Foundation (USA) or Stretta Music (Europe)

Free templates for analysis and appendix realizations

Here is a video that introduces the historical background of the above publication.


Realizing Thoroughbass Chorales in the Circle of J. S. Bach (ed. and trans. Derek Remeš)

  • Click here for more information about this two-volume series.

Various videos of mine published on by tonebase

Spiridione a Monte Carmelo’s Treatise, ed. Edoardo Bellotti

Bernardo Pasquini’s Partimenti (ca. 1703–1708)

Henri Challans 380 Basses et Chants Donnés

  • Each of the 10 levels has a book of exercises (i.e., 1a) and solutions (1b). Purchase here

517 Fugen by Gronau, ed. Andrzej Szadejko

  • These two books (bilingual in German and English) are available via email from Andrzej Szadejko for 50 Euros. (szadejko@wp.pl)

Nicola Sala’s Partimenti, ed. Peter van Tour

 Paul Vidal and Nadia Boulanger’s Given Basses | Basses Données

Giambattista Martini’s Libro per Accompagnare, ed. Peter van Tour