Edition and Translation of J. C. Kellner’s Basics of Thoroughbass (1783)

This is an edition and translation of the text and forty-eight exercises in Johann Christoph Kellner’s treatise, Basics of Thoroughbass (Grundriss des Generalbasses, Kassel: 1783). Kellner’s father Johann Peter Kellner was likely a pupil of J. S. Bach. The exercises are an excellent introduction to thoroughbass. A facsimile of the original is available for free here.

The edition and translation are arranged into five files.

  • Vol. 1: Commentary and Text
  • Vol. 2.1: 48 Exercises in Original Form
  • Vol. 2.2: Editorial Realizations for Advanced Students
  • Vol. 3.1: 48 Exercises with Editorial Suggestions for Beginners
  • Vol. 3.2: Editorial Realizations of Vol. 3.1 for Beginners

Free Sample of Commentary (part of Vol. 1)

The following Youtube tutorial describes how to realize each kind of figure.


The digital edition (PDFs) can be downloaded immediately after payment.