J. S. Bach and the Late Eighteenth-Century German Teaching of Beginning Composition and Improvisation Through Figured-Bass Chorale Accompaniment. Part 1: Inner Voices. Colfax, NC: Wayne Leupold Editions, 2018. (forthcoming)

  • COMING SOON: Files for download: PDF Facsimile of the Sibley Chorale Book (M2138 .B118C in Sibley Music Library Rare Books, Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY)

J. S. Bach’s Chorales: Reconstructing Eighteenth-Century German Figured-Bass Pedagogy in Light of a New Source

Society for Music Theory (2017); EuroMAC 9 (2017); Music Theory Society of New York State (2017)

  • Winner: Patricia Carpenter Best Student Paper Award at MTSNYS
  • Publication forthcoming in Theory and Practice (2017)

Partimento-Pädagogik der französischen Romantik: Henry Challans 380 Basses et chants donnés

Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (Graz, Austria, 2017)

English subtitles are included in the Youtube video below.


Chorales in J. S. Bach’s Pedagogy: A Method for Teaching Undergraduate Music Theory Inspired by a New Source

Pedagogy into Practice (Lee University, 2017)

From Exercise to Composition: Henri Challan’s French Romantic Figured-Bass Pedagogy

DMA Organ Lecture Recital (Eastman School of Music, 2017)

Musical Rhetoric in Sweelinck’s Chromatic Fantasia

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music  (2017)Music Theory Society of New York State (2016)

J.S. Bach’s Organ Chorale Accompaniment: Reconstructing Eighteenth-Century German Practices in Light of a New Source

Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative (2016)